Heirarchy of Irritating Ways to Communicate with Your Web Team

There are good ways to communicate, and bad ways. The bad ways don’t convey the message, they leave clearly-formed questions unanswered, and create frustration and confusion in the process. Having been through this recently, here is my take on the heirarchy of irritating ways to communicate with your team on a web project:

From most irritating (6) to least:

6. Video of project manager going through in painful but vague detail, replying to only a few of the questions that you posed
5. Annotated PDF with circles and arrows, providing in excruciating detail things that are very obvious and could be conveyed with a single sentence.
4. Microsoft Word document with embedded graphics (such as the new banner you’re supposed to use)
3. Basecamp
2. E-mail

And the least-irritating way to communicate:

1. A better issue tracking system

If I was cruel, I would post examples, but I won’t. Someday I will be disciplined enough to require ALL my customers to use my issue tracking system.

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